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Hi, I'm Andrew - and I enjoy designing sites that are simple, yet elegant in their design and function. I also like making sites that just do cool stuff. My other professional pursuits include photography and design, so if you're interested in seeing all that then you've come to the right place!

A bit about me:

I've been in digital printing for 10+ years now, and recently completed my degree in web design. Professionally I enjoy working with HTML and especially CSS. I like pushing myself to see what cool new things I can do with them, especially exploring HTML5/CSS3 and in the mobile design front. Responsive design seems to be the wave of the (immediate) future; if you play with the width of your current window you'll note that the design changes slightly at certain break-points. PHP and Javascript are both high on my learning list lately as well. While they're not as much "fun" as CSS they offer some great functionality.